Bode Helm is one of the leading and coveted photographers in the industry.  A successful artist, entrepreneur, and innovator.  Bode is inspired from every day life.  A mysterious, loving, adventurous man, he uses his talents to make the world a more beautiful place one image at a time.  When you look at a Bode Helm photograph you get the " Bode aura" the intense and primal purpose between the subject and the camera.  

Today he is best known for his exquisitely styled photographs of the fashion scene all of which carry a deceptive air of sensuality and ease of his highly polished, uniquely vibrant ad campaigns.  Bode Helm has photographed in numerous publications, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, Angeleno, an LA Confidentential.  His celebrity clients include Drew Barrymore, Erykah Badu, Chuck Norris, LeAnn Rimes, and Dave Chapelle.  He was also Bill Clinton's personal photographer during the Clinton/Gore Administration.  

When Bode is not behind the camera shooting you can find him working on his motorcycle or cruising around Los Angeles in his 1950 Buick.  Bode enjoys traveling, jamming out on guitar, skateboarding, going to music festivals, and the beach.  Bode also dedicates each year to focus on a specific discipline related to his work to drive his expertise to the next level. 

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For all general questions and inquiries about purchasing prints, portrait commissions, advertising and editorial assignments contact Mr. Bode Helm below:

Los Angeles  +1  323 309 5696  

Address: 13344 Beach Ave. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292